Where are all the goats in Resident Evil 8 Village

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Resident Evil 8 is an action-horror game developed and published by Capcom, released in 2017. The game is the eighth main entry in the Resident Evil game series.

We reveal where all the goats are in Resident Evil 8 Village Game so you can get the Heretic Bronze Trophy.

Besides breaking windows, finding files, making recipes or getting all kinds of weapon parts, there are also goats to collect.

There are a total of 20 goats scattered around the village, castle and surrounding areas, and of course you want to find them to complete the game 100%.

If you manage to kill all the goats, you will receive the bronze Heretic trophy.

We will tell you successively the situation of each goat:

  • You’ll find the goat in the village, on the lower level, near the cemetery and in the same place where you found the file.
  • The next one takes place in the city, in a church, or rather on the roof of this church.
  • The next goat was also found in the village, but on a wasteland. If you don’t know exactly where the church is, find some corn fields. Behind the cornfields, in the area on the left, there are several stairs, at the end of which, if you are careful, you will see a collectible.
  • We have it in wine country. After escaping, you find yourself in a vineyard, covered in snow and with a few stuffed animals. To find it, look to the right in the snow.
  • Behind the castle Dimitrescu in the basement. Once you’ve solved the puzzle with the statue, you can go to the basement, and if you go down the stairs, you’ll suddenly find this goat.
  • Dimitrescu Castle, especially in the attic. When you have drawn five bells and passed the portrait of Dimitrescu, you must go up the stairs to the attic. When you get to the top of the stairs, he’ll be behind you.
  • In the village, by the road, when you meet the first enemies after the fight with Dimitrescu. From there, go left down the wooden stairs to the drawbridge, and under the stairs you’ll find this goat.
  • In the village, on the farm to be precise, in the wooden house that stands between the missing person’s house and the barn.
  • We’re still in town, but now we’re going to the cemetery. Go northeast of the cemetery, turn right, and you’ll find a collectible between the crypt building and the wall.
  • At the suspension bridge in the village, look left of this bridge to find another bridge, and the goat will be there.
  • The house of Benevento outside. Go past the porch to the left, then down the stairs until you reach an enclosed room where you will find a goat.
  • The first windmill. Go through the upper outside part of the mill where the crank is used and you will find a goat at the end before going inside.
  • In the area of the three paint switches, right where you dodged Moreau. Go back to where you came from, then look to your left and see a goat on a pole rising up out of the water by itself.
  • We’re going back to the city, and here you’ll have to go back to where you came on board earlier. Now you can go through the broken windmill, turn left and find the goat.
  • Continue through the village to Otto’s mill. Go through the gate northwest of the village, which requires a key. Now look for the yellow sign of luck. From there, turn left and just below this mill is a small shrine with a goat.
  • In the fortress, on the ground floor after the encounter with the enemy. You come to a spiral staircase that takes you down. At the bottom of these stairs, if you look to the right, you will find a goat.
  • In the factory, on the second floor down, in the ventilation shaft. Once you’ve shot the fan trying to suck you in, land on your feet, turn around, go to the ramp with the yellow shovels and look for the goat.
  • We’re still at the factory. Enter the elevator where the dealer is and take him from floor B1 to B3. You have to look in the direction the elevator door opens. When you go with the elevator, you might see a goat on the red ramp for a moment, so you have to be quick to shoot it.
  • We’re still in the factory, on the ground floor, in the room where you’re supposed to squat, to the right of the back.
  • In the next room you’ll find this goat in the corner.
  • After the fight with Heisenberg and after the scene where Chris throws the explosives, there is a row of nails in the dark corner because there is a goat hiding there.

As you can see, some goats are much harder to find. So you have to be quick with your best weapon to not miss an opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goats in Resident Evil village?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Well, they are goats, and they are in the Resident Evil village. We don’t know why they are goats or why they are in the village, but Capcom seems to have gone out of its way to make this the most goat heavy game in the series. We might have to wait for the next title to find out what the deal is with these goats.

Where is re8 located?

You might know Resident Evil as a series of video games – especially its most recent installments, which have been a mix of action-packed horror and tedious trash – but it was originally a Japanese horror movie series. The movies are probably best known for their “movies within the movie”, which are usually full-on B-movie productions that feature strange characters, random gore, and lots of yelling. Resident evil is a scary time, where the lives of many people are at stake, but as all fans of the series know, the village is the most mysterious part of the game. It has many tall buildings and is packed with puzzles and such, but it is also the place where most of the action happens, and one of the most diverse locations in the game. I

Who is the main character in Resident Evil 8?

The Resident Evil series has been around for a long time and is loved by so many, with Resident Evil 8 on the horizon, it’s time to think back to all the previous Resident Evil games, and reminisce the characters we love. I’ve decided to compile a list of all the main characters of the series, and I’ll be taking a look at each one to see what they are like and how they have changed. I hope you enjoy! In the previous post, we discussed who you should play as in the Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 Remake. Now, we move on to Resident Evil 3 and 4. Both of these games feature multiple playable characters, including the main character in Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the sequel to Resident Evil 2, and it picks up right where the previous game ends. The main character in Resident Evil 3 is Jill Valentine, although she is no longer the main character in Resident Evil 4.

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