The 3 Most Effective Ways to Spy on iPhone in 2021 [100% WORKS]

With this guide, you can now learn how to spy on your iPhone and access conversations taking place on iMessage and other major social networks, as well as GPS tracking, emails, etc. I will explain the techniques that really work for everyone, are easy to use, and allow you to spy on your iPhone without jailbreaking it. And above all, how to spy without getting caught.

I’m Frankie Caruso, technology and applications tester. Over the past few years I have been testing effective methods for spying on mobile phones, both iPhones and Androids.

In countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and other European and Canadian countries, the iPhone has become the most popular smartphone.

Along with the increase in iPhone usage in these countries, there has been an increase in Google searches: iPhone spy, how to track iPhones, etc. The reason is easy to understand, parents are concerned about the safety of their children or their couple, read your point of view, and if they no longer have as much confidence in their partner’s fidelity as before.

With easily accessible apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, keeping in touch with friends and family becomes less and less necessary and more and more of a dangerous space that creates virtual places where bad things can happen. Your children may be approached by pedophiles, cyber bullies or people who just want to talk them into making rash decisions.

Let’s face it. Whatever your reason, spying on iPhones might not be a bad idea.

I’ve got some good news for you.

There is now a technology that allows you to spy on your iPhone without any technical knowledge. You can do this without becoming a victim.

Brace yourself for today’s tutorial, because I’m going to explain to you the top three ways I can spy on my iPhone without getting caught and without knowing it.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to control any iPhone remotely, including tracking real-time GPS location and accessing real-time social media conversations.

Let’s get started.

DISCLAIMER: In some countries, spying on an iPhone without the owner’s permission can be a criminal offense. Use the information collected here responsibly.

Frankie’s opinion:

This technology, which we introduce in this article, allows you to better track your partner or child’s activity on social media, text messages, shared media, etc.

3 Best ways to spy on your iPhone

Not surprisingly, there are many ways to spy on iPhones these days. I have three options in particular that I found most practical and convenient at the time. If you choose one of these options to check your target iPhone, I can guarantee you will find effective results.

The top three choices are:

  1. Spy for free with Apple ID
  2. Use the spy application for iPhone (mSpy)
  3. Using a recovery key for iPhone

Let’s talk about its features, installation and how to use each of these methods to monitor and spy on iPhone targets.

Method 1: Spying for free with Apple ID


  • Knowledge of access data target for iCloud
  • Accessing the device
  • Internet access for the target device

Personally, I think this is one of the best ways to spy on iOS devices.

Let me explain how this works. Using the victim’s Apple ID, you can access the iPhone’s backup log. This backup includes your recent iMessage messages, emails, shared photos, Internet history, and GPS locations.

That’s all you need to make sure your loved ones are safe. Pretty cool, huh?

Let me show you the process you would use to spy on someone’s Apple ID.

First, you need to get the Apple ID (or iCloud) of the iPhone you want to spy on.

Then go to or Settings on your iOS device, sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

Some devices may ask to be merged, and if so, you should accept. After the combination, you can select and display the data to be monitored.

Apple ID lets you sync your email, messages, photos, contacts, and other data. If you want to spy on messages, you’ll need to go to Settings and Messages, then turn on iMessage. After activating iMessage, re-enter the password and Apple ID of the target device.

After you complete these steps, you can log in and wait for the device to connect to your account. You are then ready to spy and observe activities as they occur. It shows iMessage messages, location, messaging activity and photo sharing.

Message: There are many cases where iCloud backup is not enabled on iPhone. In this case, you need to physically access the iPhone you want, go to settings and manually enable iCloud backup by following these steps: Settings > iPhone Owner’s Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup. It automatically backs up your iPhone every day it is plugged in, locked and connected to a Wi-Fi network.


✅ free

Spy on your iPhone without installing any software

You must have physical access to the target phone.

You can’t spy on social media conversations – only iMessage.

❌ Real-time monitoring is not possible – only after the device has been synchronized.

Frankie’s opinion:

I would only recommend this technique if you are a parent with young children ages 8-11, for example. Since this conversation prevents you from accessing social media conversations like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger, I recommend blocking the use of these apps with parental controls. I have a tutorial on how to do this if you’re not sure.

Method #2: mSpy – the best spy app for iPhone in 2021


  • Access to the victim’s device or knowledge of the login credentials to install mSpy remotely.
  • Buy mSpy (I have a coupon because you read my blog).
  • Keep your iPhone connected to the internet before installation

mSpy is by far the best spy application for the iPhone.

I’m not the only one saying this, as there are more than 60,000 users who have been buying and updating this spy app every year for more than a decade. mSpy has received attention in major newspapers and websites such as Forbes, TechTimes, Los Angeles Times and others.

Let’s imagine what we’re talking about.

This application is designed for espionage. It is completely invisible on the target iPhone and allows you to control everything that happens on that device.

Now you can access social media conversations from anywhere in the world, view real-time GPS tracking, track calls, read email traffic, view web history and much more from your dashboard.

This is insane!

That’s what you were hoping to find, right?

Before I teach you how this works, I want to give you some important information.

What you should know before installing mSpy on your iPhone

Is this application untraceable?

I can confirm that the application is completely invisible on the mobile and leaves no trace. After installation (which I’ll get to later), mSpy runs in the background. The iPhone user can never know that this software is installed on their phone.

Do I need a jailbreak to use mSpy?

The good news: mSpy is one of the few spy apps for your device that doesn’t require a jailbreak. This process removes the restrictions set by Apple on your iPhone. It’s basically hacking the device. There are two versions of mSpy that you can install on your iPhone. One of them lets you spy on a specific set of data, from GPS and contacts to iMessage and SMS. The other version allows you to see more information, including conversations on social media, although this version requires a jailbreak hack. For more information on all the features with and without the hack, please follow this link.

Can I spy on my iPhone with mSpy without touching it?

With the version without jailbreak software, it is possible. However, you need to know your iCloud credentials. When two-factor authentication is enabled, this becomes an impossible task. In this case, you need to physically access the device to check the popup and give mSpy permission to connect to the phone.

Is the software compatible with all iPhones?

The non-prison version of mSpy is compatible with all iPhones. Jailbreak versions are compatible with almost all versions, and an updated version can always be found 3 to 4 weeks after Apple updates the iOS software.

Understanding how mSpy software works

It is very easy to install this application. Anyone can do it, even without technological expertise.

Let me explain the steps to follow:

  1. Buy one of the two available plans for mSpy (they’re cheap and affordable).
  2. Connect the software to your child or spouse’s mobile phone using iCloud credentials.
  3. Wait a few minutes (it may take a few hours) for the software to download all the content from the target iPhone to your dashboard.
  4. Now you can start snooping in real time. Boom!

If you encounter any problems during installation, you’ll be happy to know that free support is available 24/7 for any technical issues. You can even use a paid support service called mAssistance to have a member of this team personally help you install the software on your iPhone.

I don’t know if it’s going to get much easier.

Now I want to show you some of the features that mSpy for iPhone offers tracking.

mSpy Software Features

  • Call Control : When mSpy is installed, you have the ability to see all outgoing and incoming calls on the device you are spying on. The program also indicates the duration of the calls and when they were made. You can use the same function to block certain calls from unwanted or predefined numbers on the target phone. This locking is done from the control panel.
  • Keeps track of all the text messages: All sent or received messages – even deleted ones – are available to you – you can access and read their contents from the target device. The time and date of sending or receiving messages are displayed in the dashboard, as well as the identity of the sender or recipient.
  • Ability to read email: With mSpy, you can read and check the entire email history on your iOS device. The software allows you to check the time and date an email was received or sent, its contents, and the identity of the sender or recipient.
  • Enable GPS location tracking: The targeted iPhone can be located by displaying the user’s current location. This feature is usually used by parents and spouses who suspect their partner of cheating. For this reason, this software is also called a parental control application.
  • Internet usage monitoring: mSpy has the ability to view all websites and URLs that the user has visited. This allows a single observer to verify the user’s intentions by viewing the spy device’s Internet history.
  • Retrieve Address Book and Calendar : Every contact of the device under test can be detected by the software, including the address book of important events marked by the user.
  • Read instant messages: The messages that can be traced in this software can be from WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Instagram or any other messaging platform. With this information in hand, you can understand what someone is up to. If you want to know more about instant messaging, I wrote some very interesting tutorials that can be very useful: how to spy on WhatsApp messages, how to hack Facebook Messenger (without a password) and how to follow someone’s Instagram account.
  • Management and control of programs and applications: The person spying on the device can determine what type of applications or programs they have access to. It is a way of ensuring that malicious acts are not encouraged.
  • Remote control: It is a trend that smartphones are being lost day by day. With mSpy software, you can erase all useful information that can be dangerous if the device falls into the wrong hands.
  • Unlimited device replacement : Even if you install mSpy on a device, you can only use it on one device at a time. However, you can also upgrade to another target device if needed without having to purchase a brand new license again.




Spy on your iPhone remotely

✅ Get access to social media feeds, including those that have been deleted in the past month.

No chance of getting caught

✅ Know where your child or partner is and know when he or she is lying.

❌ You must pay a small monthly fee (you can unsubscribe at any time without penalty).

They should have the victim’s mobile phone handy if they allow two-factor authentication.

TECHNOLOGY DOCUMENT – Try mSpy by joining the FREE demo: Click HERE for more information.

Frankie’s opinion:

If you are looking for something that is effective and efficient, you need a reliable mSpy software. You don’t need any technical skills, and it’s suitable for all the reasons why you need a little spying.

Dude!  I have written two very useful guides that you may find interesting!

If your partner uses WhatsApp, read : The 3 best ways to know if your partner is cheating on you. If your spouse uses Facebook, also read how to catch a cheater on Facebook.

Method #3: Spy on iPhone using USB flash drive


  • You will need a desktop/laptop computer (Windows) with a USB port.
  • iPhone Recovery Stick ($119)
  • Temporary access to the target device

It’s the kind of technology that makes you feel like you’ve landed on the set of the Mission Impossible or 007 movies.

The iPhone Recovery Stick is a USB stick made by an Amazon-like company that specializes in spyware and products, The device allows you to remotely access contacts, Internet history, text messages (from Facebook, SMS and other services) and other items on the target iPhone.

Now that you know the product, you can see how a parent or spouse can now recover data deleted from an iPhone. In short, you now have the ability to keep them safe.

Let’s take a closer look. We’ll show you how it works.

The process is quite simple, but you need to connect the target phone to a USB port on a Windows computer. When this device is connected to the computer, you can simultaneously insert the recovery card into another free USB port.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, the program completes the recovery process. This may take longer depending on the amount of data to be moved.

If you’re only searching for a specific person or address, you can use the Find checkbox to search for very specific items. For example, you can search for keywords like drugs, wife, hotel, meeting, spouse, and other potentially triggering terms.

However, you need to make sure you have a Windows computer that can run all versions.

The USB stick works with the iPhone user’s inaccessible memory, where new information is stored.

Note to self: The mechanism works to recover deleted files. If the user deletes files on the target iPhone, the deleted data will not be completely deleted. It stays somewhere on the device. The recovery flash drive can retrieve information hidden in this cache.


Restore deleted channels and messages.

✅ Restore iTunes backup files when the device is physically gone.

Free lifetime support for users

❌ Costs

You can only spy on conversations from certain social networks like Facebook, KIK and Textplus (not WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat).

❌ You do not have a dashboard to view the contents of your phone.

Frankie’s opinion:

I would like to point out that this is a very good way to spy on the iPhone. If you want to find deleted channels in photos, here’s how I do it. However, it is not practical to check your spouse’s or child’s phone in real time.

Summary: I’ve shown you three different ways to spy on your iPhone. The best of them, in my opinion, is mSpy. Everyone seems to be looking for spyware these days, and for years mSpy has been the best application in the world. With just a few clicks, you can monitor everything that happens on your child’s or partner’s mobile phone without fear of being caught.

frequently asked questions

I’d like to take a moment to answer some questions that many of my readers have asked me over the years.

Can I spy on my iPhone with just my phone number?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Today, it is impossible to use a simple phone number (or even an IMEI code) to access and spy on a device. To use spyware like mSpy, you need iCloud credentials.

It may not be easy to get this information, but there are a few tricks you can try.

The first trick you can try is to ask your partner to buy the app from the Apple Store using his or her account. You can claim that you have no money on your card or that you are having problems with your Apple account.

Another way to get this information is to request a connection to iCloud to access the content on your Apple TV.

Can I spy on my iPhone without iCloud (Apple ID) information?

This is possible, but it would require the use of the third method described above. With the iPhone recovery key, you don’t need credentials.

Can you spy on your Android phone from your iPhone?

Yes. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you have, the important thing is that the target phone is an iPhone. For example, mSpy offers a dashboard that you can access from any browser, regardless of the device you use to do so.

Can I spy on my iPhone with 2-factor authentication?

Currently, it is not possible to spy on an iPhone when two-factor authentication is enabled. However, there is a way around this problem. The mSpy team was able to work through and find a solution. Here’s the definitive guide, check it out.

Are there other ways to spy on iPhones?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s the only solution. Remember that in many countries – eg. B. the US, UK, Italy, Australia, etc. – is a crime to spy on an iPhone without consent. – it is a crime to spy on an iPhone without the victim’s consent. So be careful and ask yourself if it’s worth it.

How do I know if someone is spying on my iPhone?

I’ve spent a lot of time explaining the best methods I know of for spying on someone’s iPhone. At this point in the guide, I want to give you some tips on how to protect your iPhone from this type of hacking. Not everyone has your best interests at heart.

Let me explain.

Hackers often use the same methods I showed you earlier in this post, they steal data. They can use photos, credit card information you leave behind with Apple Pay, and other sensitive information for nefarious purposes like extortion or cyberbullying.

I wanted to try to provide information that shows when someone is spying on your phone or your child’s phone, to protect them both from this kind of danger.

Message: These tips can also help you if you suspect your partner is spying on your phone.

Let me start by saying that you have no way of verifying the existence of your iPhone when it is tracked using the mSpy app without jailbreak. I explained in this guide that this software is completely invisible on the monitored phone because it connects to an iCloud account and not directly to the iPhone. Therefore, the only way to block the spy app is to change the password of your iCloud account. This system is different for the hacked mSpy program, but I’ll get to that later.

1. Check the battery consumption

If you suddenly find that the battery is consuming more than usual, there is probably a problem.

I suggest you back up your iPhone and restore it.

2. Is your iPhone broken?

It’s not hard to tell if your phone broke in prison. The easiest way to find out is an app on the home screen called Cydia (an alternative to the Apple Store).

To resolve this issue, perform a hard reset of the unit.

Message: Be careful, because if a hacker is well aware, he can hide Cydia from your home screen. I wrote a guide on how to find hidden spy apps on your iPhone.

3. Do you use much more data?

Some spyware used on the iPhone increases the data consumption on the device. They work in the background and send all information directly to the dashboard monitor.

This problem can often be solved by restarting the iPhone.

Frankie’s opinion:

Here are some basic signals (for those who aren’t tech savvy) to determine if someone may be spying on an iPhone. If you want to know more about this topic, I wrote a guide on how to find spyware on your iPhone in minutes.

Main output

I’d say you now have the necessary elements to spy on your iPhone without getting caught.

As a parent or partner of a suspected spouse, there comes a time when you need to take steps to ensure their safety or to determine if you are the victim of a cheating spouse.

Before we part, I want to recap what we discussed. I want to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

In the first part of this guide, I presented three methods you can use to spy on your iPhone if you wish.

In the second part of this guide, you saw hints that someone might be spying on your iPhone or your child’s iPhone.

If you didn’t find the answers you’re looking for or want to know more about this topic, comment on this article below and I’ll respond.

Come back to me. I have many new methods of spying on the iPhone. You can also follow my YouTube channel, Facebook page or Pinterest profile to learn everything you want to know.

Let’s embrace it,

PS – Have you read my tutorial on how to spy on a mobile phone remotely? I’m sure you can use it.

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