Major Industries Using Text to Voice Technology in 2021

Text-to-speech technology is taking the world by storm. Most people use text-to-speech technology in their daily work.

So you can convert text to artificial speech. In the past there were only robotic voices, but now you have a variety of pre-recorded human voices with software voice-over text.

This is the reason why many industries have started using this technology. This helps them prepare content that is easily accessible to users.

Many large companies use Notevibe’s text-to-speech software. There are many types of text-to-speech tools and software on the market.

The top five industries using text-to-speech software:

Here are the top five industries that are widely using text-to-speech software to better serve their employees and customers.

It is one of the first sectors to use text-to-speech technology. In the banking and financial sector, text-to-speech software is used to develop IVR assistance for customers. Instead of hiring thousands of employees to provide basic services, they are using IVR technology to help customers. A customer can easily use the IVR to get detailed information about their bank accounts, cards, insurance policies, etc. This sector has begun to use voice recognition services that allow customers to easily access applications and accounts using their voice. They also use text-to-speech technology to train new employees.

Text-to-speech technology is widely used in this sector. Gone are the days when education was taught in a book or on a blackboard. Nowadays, most schools and colleges offer an online learning service that helps students learn through interactive media such as audio and video. They use text-to-speech technology to convert chapters into audio and video files. These include e-books, PDFs, online presentations, etc.

The biggest obstacle for the travel and tourism industry is the language barrier. Yet, with the help of text-to-speech software, they can easily communicate with people all over the world. It allows them to make announcements in different languages. It also helps them develop self-service stations for customers. Industry workers can easily use translation apps to communicate with and provide assistance to customers.

  • Automotive industry :

Car manufacturers today use voice technology in their vehicles to make it easy for customers to follow directions, check routes, adjust the temperature of the vehicle and perform various other tasks. They use text-to-speech software to provide this service. It helps the driver to follow instructions and drive safely.

This is a very customer-oriented industry. As the number of customers increases and the number of employees who can help them decreases, the industry is embracing IVR technology. This keeps the customers informed. When you call them, they will connect you to the IVR and they will greet you. This allows us to provide excellent customer service.

Here are the top five industries that use text-to-speech software. If you are planning to use this technology in your business, you can use the text-to-speech software from Notevibes.

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