Immortals Fenyx Rising Update 1.20 March 11, 2021, Patch Notes

The latest Immortals Fenyx Rising 1.20 update came out a few hours ago, and this update brings new content to the game, as well as some other changes. Therefore, all players of this game want to stay updated about the changes in the game.

Get complete information about the latest Immortals Fenyx Rising 1.20 update, its patch notes, download guide, update file size and other information about this update. Without delay, let’s take a look at the full patch notes for this latest update.

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Phoenix RisingUpdate 1.20 released

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a popular game full of action and adventure that you can enjoy on different gaming platforms. The developer of this game makes regular updates to improve the gameplay and provide new content to the players. Today the latest 1.20 update for Phoenix Immortals has been released.

You can now download this latest update on your gaming platforms. As for the file size of this latest update, you’ll have to spend about 1.1GB of data on the PS5. The size of the update file depends on the game platform. So check it before updating the game to the latest version.

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How do I upgrade the phoenix in Rise of the Immortals?

On PS4, you need to select this game via the option button. Then you need to click on the option Check for updates. The latest update for this game is currently being tested and installed on your PS4. You can also update this game on your PS5.

On the Xbox One, you need to go to My apps and games. Here you have to choose this game via the More Options button. Then click on Manage Game and Add-ons and then click on Updates. Today, the latest update for this game is being tested and shown on the Xbox One. You can also update this game on your Xbox X|Series.

On PC you have to update the game at the store where you bought it. If you bought the game from Ubisoft, you will have to update it from there. If you purchased this game through Epic Games, you will need to update the game through that store in the library section.

On the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to update the game via the HOME menu or in the eShop. You can also update it while running this game on your Switch.

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Immortal Phoenix Update 1.20 Patch

Here are the patch notes for the latest Phoenix Immortal Rising update. Read it to know more about the changes in the game.


  • Added support for the Myths of the Eastern Kingdom expansion coming soon.
  • Increased stability
  • Various bug fixes

Quizzes, world events, side events:

  • Added outage protection to ensure Fenyx does not lose items found in storage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hall of Gods did not have a fleet and life voucher store.
  • Fixed an issue where Phoenix Fort Ajax couldn’t enter after falling into the water.
  • Fixed an issue where an NPC was missing from the Hall of Gods – Hermes just told us everything is there, safe and sound!
  • Fixed an issue where killing world bosses didn’t allow you to obtain mythic fragments.

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Conclusion: Immortal Phoenix Update 1.20

Finally, we hope you have all the information about Immortals Fenyx Rising Update 1.20 latest update, patch notes, download guide, update file size and much more. If you have any doubts or questions about this latest update, please contact us in the comments section. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts.

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