How to fuel scoop in Elite Dangerous

Whether you’re an experienced commander or a brand-new cadet in the Federation of Pilots, spilling fuel can mean the difference between surviving and flying another day or drifting off into the black void of space and becoming space dust.

Especially for new pilots, refueling can be a daunting, confusing and frustrating task. We’ve put together some tips and resources to make the experience more enjoyable.

What is fuel transfer?

A Fuel Scoop involves flying near a nearby star that produces hydrogen to fill the ship’s fuel tank with a Fuel Scoop module. The module itself falls into an additional internal category and is not necessary for most astronauts. Nevertheless, it is a basic module for explorers and those who want to venture into the void. It is recommended that each pilot have a basic understanding of its operation.

Galaxy Board Configuration

There are a few plans and steps to follow before you try to eat. To do this, you need to go to the galaxy map and change some settings to make sure you have a star route to scoop. During your journey, every star you encounter can provide fuel for your ship. We have an image and the steps to follow to set it up.


  1. Open a map of the galaxy.
  2. On the left side, at the top, you will see several tabs. Choose one that looks like a star cluster.
  3. Select the secondary tab Map
  4. Select the drop down menu and scroll down until you see Star Class.
  5. See the image above to select the stars and leave the rest unselected. A good way to remember the correct stars is to use a public acronym called KGBFOAM. The letters correspond to the correct star types needed to make the gasoline scoops.
  6. Once you have selected the appropriate stars, go to the bottom of the list of stars and check the Apply Filter to Route box.

Once you’ve done the above steps, any route you plan will lead you to stars that you can collect as fuel.

To fill the bucket


Now that you have your galaxy map set up, you can plot a route to the galaxy you want to visit. Once you’ve made the jump into hexagonal space and are in front of the pilot’s new star system, we suggest you lower the throttle to zero and gradually increase it until you see the message FUEL SCOOP ACTIVE on the screen. If you see this, there are two traces of heat and fuel underneath. Move forward a bit and you will see that the fuel bar slowly expands. Congratulations, you are now fueling up!

You can increase refueling speed by moving closer to the star, but be careful, as this increases your ship’s heat output. You know you’re too close when the ship’s systems start roaring as they overheat and cause damage. If you continue to approach, you will be ejected from the Supercruise and will have to wait for your frame change to cool down.

Each container is unique in the way it dissipates heat, so we recommend you determine what your container can handle and adjust accordingly. If it makes you feel better, you can try orbiting a star so you never have to stop moving while you refuel. It takes some practice and habit, but you’ll soon get used to it.

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frequently asked questions

How do we feed the dangerous elite?

Buy a fuel tank, and when you’re close enough to the star, you’ll see your heat and fuel bars, keep your ship close enough to the star and in reasonable heat levels and wait for the fuel tank to fill up 😉 sometimes you’ll automatically start bailing right after you come out of hyperspace. just like that 😉

How to fill the bucket without overheating?

The easiest way is to go slower. Jump, line up, give the star some gas until you see the scoop start ….. Depending on the bucket, you should know your maximum intake. When it is about 2/3 of this maximum, reset the throttle while continuing to look at the star. Wait and dig. Watch your heat.

How long does it take to refuel?

The units of the fuel lance are in kg/s. It takes 1,000 KG to produce a tonne of fuel. So if you are picking up fuel at a rate of 10/s, you have to wait about a minute and a half to pick up a ton of fuel. (1000/10 = 100 seconds, or 1.67 minutes).

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