‘Hey, Spotify’ wake word to rollout for an ultimate hands-free experience

7. April 2021April 7. April 2021


Get ready for another commemoration, this time for Spotify. Yes, you heard me right. Spotify plans to launch its own Wake Words service, which will offer users a hands-free experience. However, certain conditions must be met in order to use this feature.

Dive into the blog and find out what this feature is, its necessity given that Google Assistant and Siri are able to perform the same task, the requirements to use it and any limitations.

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With Voice Control you can control Spotify with your voice. Say Hey Spotify to control the application. Voice control lets you perform a variety of functions, find any playlist, listen to your favorite songs, and communicate loudly and hands-free with advertisements.

Just say Hey Spotify and ask for the song you want.

Spotify’s personal alarm clock seems better suited for a hands-free setup in the car than a phone on which Google Assistant or Siri is already available. So no matter what device you use, Spotify is strictly for streaming music and will work for everyone. This can also be seen as a way to eliminate the middleman.

Do we really need this?

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But we can already listen to our songs on Spotify with existing voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, so what happened to Hey, Spotify?

The addition of a voice assistant may seem odd, given that Siri and Google Assistant have already integrated Spotify. Spotify wants its own wake word that will allow users to control it no matter what device they use. You can also use the voice feature to interact with some ads on Spotify. For example, a voice-activated announcement of an album may want you to listen to it, and ask you to say Play Now. It is believed that voice recognition will also help Spotify detect your mood and compile your playlist accordingly.

How do you use it?

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In order to use the Spotify voice assistant, certain conditions must be met. Make sure the device screen is on and the Spotify application is open. In order for Spotify to access the device’s microphone, you’ll need to set the proper permissions.

The word Awakening can also be a step in the right direction in terms of accessibility. Not everyone will have the technical know-how to implement Spotify integration with an external voice assistant. A voice assistant built into the Spotify app takes away the middleman in this regard.

One last thing to note is that Spotify will constantly listen for the alarm word in your area when this feature is enabled. If you’re worried about your privacy, Spotify stresses that this feature only includes recording of stare words and voice searches, according to the company’s privacy policy. So you can be sure that it will not be used to eavesdrop on your conversations.

Are there any restrictions?

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One of the biggest drawbacks of this feature is that it can only be used when your phone is turned on and the Spotify app is open. In other words, if you don’t open the Spotify app, this feature won’t help you. Siri and Google Assistant seem to be more useful than Spotify’s meme in this regard.


Streaming music giant Spotify plans to roll out its private word memorial to give users maximum freedom. This function allows you to play music by voice commands. Privacy-conscious users should know that the app only saves recordings when you press a button or utter an alarm phrase, Spotify said.

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