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If you love science fiction stories, futuristic events, and hundreds of crazy years in the future, then you probably want to transfer that love to your Sims 4 game.

Whether it’s an integral part of your player account or you just want to do a futuristic photo shoot for fun, the TS4 CC community is here to help – and then some.

Here are some of my picks for the best future-themed CAS CC items and build/buy items that will make your space pop.

Let’s start with CAS.

Futuristic CAS

1. Spacer from _Simalicious_

Look at this CC

Why do we assume that the future is chrome?

I have no idea.

But we know. Because I saw this awesome spacer costume by _Simalicious_ and I thought, yeah, this is definitely the fashion of the future.

And you can’t tell me that this super shiny, super flashy leather jumpsuit is not something that people of the future would consider couture. Because it is.

The rhinestone belt and simple, elegant look just do it.

It’s the kind of outfit that feels like a little technique or something has been sewn into the fabric.

And by that I mean it’s perfect (for this topic).

If you build an alien city or space station, your inhabitants must wear it.

This Spacer CC is available in 8 different colors, and they are all a variation of light blue and gunmetal gray.

2. Plasasim Space Armour

Look at this CC

It’s really a shame that this plazasims space armor is only for women, because it’s one of the best space outfits I’ve seen in The Sims 4.

Inspired by Mass Effect (another popular video game from EA; maybe you’ve heard of it?), these armors really do look like something from the future!

Sims dress fabulously and fashionably, fight intergalactic creatures and close interstellar gates, and so on.

The execution is fantastic, no doubt about it.

It even comes with a nice headboard! The headboard is available in blue, purple and muted green and can be found in the headboard accessories section.

The suit itself comes in two models, and each model has three color options, for a total of six variations.

3. Cyberpunk Set TC3-4 by Natalia Auditor

Look at this CC

Gentlemen, don’t worry.

Female Sims can have their own space armor, but TS4 content creator Natalia Auditor has your back with this cyberpunk outfit for men, a conversion from TS3 to TS4.

Your boys will look futuristic and on the run in this high-tech, semi-cyborg situation.

They have metal armor, fluorescent tubes, oddly placed diodes, and all hand connectors….. That’s the whole thing. And it looks great.

It may not be very futuristic, but you can’t tell me this isn’t the fashion we all dreamed of in the year 3000 or so.

Available in 6 colors, but the boots are – unfortunately – not included.

4. Alien Cyber-head

Look at this CC

I know this isn’t a list of Sims 4 alien/universal CCs (you can find them here), but I think we all believe (without knowing it) that galactic or planetary beings will eventually live among us.

Whether in 100 years or 1000 years, the distant future we see for the world at large includes space, space travel and, yes, aliens.

If you don’t mind, let’s take a look at this nimble cyberalien head.

This is actually a custom hairstyle made by Zaneida & The Sims 4, and it matches your skin tone.

This means that there is only one universal variant.

And I think it even matches the individual skin tones, judging by the thumbnails. But I can’t be too sure.

I tested it with a light gray skin layered with Pralinesims Dysfunction Chromatus skin (which I’ll talk about later), and the hair/head was silver/chrome colored.

It was very impressive!

5. Dysfunctional chromatic skin of pralinesim

Look at this CC

Like I said, the future is chrome.

But with such gorgeous skin details, I can’t complain.

Dysfunction Chromatus Skin by Pralinesims essentially works as an overlay on the skin or on details, giving the skin a metallic glow in any shade.

There are two versions: a clean version and one with robotic stitches.

With a normal human skin tone, it looks a little strange. But it looks good on gray.

I also found it interesting and a little strange when I met him with the green and blue complexion.

We recommend combining these with RemusSirion’s Cyborg Eyes (available soon) and Natalia-Auditore’s Cyberpunk Accs (available soon) for a really cool robot ai look. Surely, since it is a detail of the skin, it does not conflict with Cyborg Eyes (face paint) and Cyberpunk Accs (head accessories).

6. RemusSirion’s cyborg eyes

Look at this CC

If you want something that shows a more subtle blend of human and machine, Remus-Sirion’s cyborg eyes might be what you’re looking for.

This CC is a set of 21 different custom eyes that make your simulation look like it’s constantly scanning an area or staring at targets (especially with eyes that have bright red pupils).

It’s also interesting that these cyborg eyes are slightly more human than the machine.

Remove the light pupils and you have a normal human (sim?) eye, probably with colored contact lenses.

The creator mentions in his description that they intentionally made these cyborg eyes different from normal mech eyes, so at least there’s that explanation.

Personally, I prefer it when it looks like human traits and doesn’t give the slightest indication that something is wrong.

I find it a little duller.

7. Cyberpunk Accs by Natalia-Auditore

Look at this CC

Complete your AI robot look with these awesome futuristic face accessories from Natalia Auditor.

Cyberpunk Accs is a set of robotic bladed weapons for the arm, face and back.

Whether it’s sleek, elegant lines with small ports or a full jaw and cheek piece that reminds you of an evil Terminator, there are plenty of options for your digitally and mechanically modified, technologically advanced sim.

The face and head accessories look especially great paired with grey or green skin – perhaps paired with Pralinesim’s CC Dysfunction Chromatus skin.

You can even leave out Remus-Sirion’s cyborg eyes to give the impression of a real genetically modified AI.

But if you don’t like that, don’t worry: the relative subtlety of the details makes them just as appealing as on regular Simmons leather.

8. DSF Holographic Computer Bracelet DanSimsFantasy

Look at this CC

Clearly, chic clothing will also be in the future.

We can only hope they are as stylish and fashionable as DanSimsFantasy’s holographic computer bracelet.

Very sharp, especially considering the model used for the preview photo.

Don’t worry, it’s unisex.

Polite male sims of the future, you could use some too.

There are 9 color options in total, and this transitions pretty well from CAS to live play.

However, I recommend turning up the graphics settings a bit to get the full holographic gradient effect.

In laptop mode, it sometimes looks like a strangely colored flat pillow attached to the Sim’s wrist.

Besides, this accessory is perfect.

9. Discovering the university Monster Pixel Tech Goggles

Look at this CC

I had to put this in.

These amazing pixl monster glasses are exactly how I (and I’m sure many others) envision wearable technology a hundred years from now: colorful, holographic, and decoded into lines of code.

This university of discovery: The Tech Goggles really seem to be able to search a room and identify all potential threats in seconds.

Moreover, they resemble every scientist’s wildest dream.

But I digress.

These glasses are definitely from the future. And they are the perfect accessory to put together any futuristic sci-fi outfit.

And this CC comes in 30 different colors, so you’re sure to find one that frames your Sim’s face perfectly.

Note, however, that you need Sims 4: Discover the plain packaging of these glasses to show off!

10. Future Genius Costume

Look at this CC

Okay, so…

The future looks as dense as chrome.

For this article, I chose four or five sim outfits with a futuristic twist. And let me tell you, most of them – especially the ones for our lovely women – are tight.

Like, marry the body, take the tight curves.

But I’m not complaining, because my Sim looked fantastic in this super shiny spandex bodysuit.

He looks like a standard black cat suit, only his arms, thighs and torso have those distinct lines of colored light.

Have you ever seen Tron? Kind of like this effect.

I mean, I think this Genius costume from the future is really, really cool. It is also unisex and available in 8 color options.

11. [FORBIDDEN] NIVA – Overalls of Helsoseira

Look at this CC

Again: If you think ahead, skin is the way to go.

The NIVA – Jumpsuit CC by Helsoseira combines jumpsuits and chrome into a beautiful, high-tech and trendy silver one-piece.

It’s like the ghost suit, but with more bells and whistles.

I’m talking circuit board patterns, wide silver belts with a faded hexagonal print, and what looks like raised diodes on the underside of the torso.

Like Pixl Monster’s tech glasses and DanSimsFantasy’s holographic computer bracelet, this combination looks like wearable smart technology.

I can guarantee you that there is no other Sims 4 CC like it.

And to be honest, I’m absolutely blown away by the details. I think it adds a much needed dimension to the outfit.

Futuristic building/purchase CC

12. SATA Slumber – Hamburger Binarium Bedding

Look at this CC

Isn’t that name cute? No, seriously.

Binary Bedding is the kind of brand that makes me want to stop and look inside.

And I don’t even like math.

Apart from the commercial nature of the name, the very concept of these custom-made beds deserves a place on this list.

These are mainly black, single and double-deckers in a design inspired by neon, space travel and high-tech. Patterns, hexagons, diodes, light lines…. You have 6 different patterns, each available in 4 neon colors: green, blue, purple, pink.

Really, who would have thought technology could be made even more comfortable?

13. Alien City by Soloria

Look at this CC

Want to populate your Sims’ space station on Mars with lots of futuristic looking buildings? Look no further.

This is a concept I didn’t even know existed in the Sims 4 CC community. But I’m definitely for it.

Decorative buildings. Who would have thought it? Apparently, I don’t.

This CC pack contains five towers (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter), three houses (Earth, Venus and Uranus), an infinite bridge and a UFO – a total of 10 smooth, shiny, alien buildings.

These life-size structures can be placed as decorative elements, and they can be moved, embedded, and customized as needed to fit your story.

The build quality is excellent, the design is decidedly futuristic (though they all look like modern works of art), and if you have them in your mod folder, you don’t have to build some alien towers yourself.

In fact, there is no downside.

14. future modification of bulldozer

Look at this CC

If you’ve played The Sims 3 for long enough, you probably remember the iconic The Sims 3: Into the Future expansion pack.

(I mean, it may not be as iconic as The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats packaging, but it was certainly received more positively).

The Into the Future pack, as you might have guessed, mostly added a lot of futuristic space-like elements to the game.

There’s a time portal, a time almanac, jetpacks, food replicators (instead of ovens), a new futuristic technology-based world, and even a friendly time traveler named Emit Relevart.

It added a bunch of new skills and a few careers, which greatly increased the replay value.

And to give good old Sims players (like me) a nostalgia bomb, the BulldozerIvan CC pack brings the future aesthetic of The Sims 4 with some quality factory conversions to build/buy.

Remember the futuristic high chair? Wallpaper on the wallpaper strip? A crazy solar panel floor?

It’s all there – completely revamped and beautiful in The Sims 4 gameplay.

15. Eco-futuristic kit from Soloria

Look at this CC

The creator of The Sims CC, Soloria, is known for its original and high quality furniture and decorations. And this Eco Futuristic package promises to be another inaugural success.

The package includes a total of 13 pieces of furniture/decorations. And they are all very nice variations on the hexagonal shape, the beehive or the smooth, clean lines.

Just look at the thumbnails to see how incredible everything is.

CD curtains, endless shelves, a floating polygonal warehouse, a rack made of overlapping rectangles….. Without a doubt, Soloria has done an excellent job with this concept.

They all come in different color options and range in price from $50 to $200.

16. Solaria Futuristic Ensemble

Look at this CC

While the previous Eco Futuristic series had more hexagons, beehives and overlapping polygons, this other Futuristic series (yes, yes, they have another one!) seems to follow the theme of rounded corners and open, unfinished shapes.

They have chairs that seem to be upside down. And tables that look like flat – and incredibly angular – C’s.

Plus seats consisting of three interlinked circles.

It’s a bit more fun and less cohesive than the other sets. But that doesn’t diminish the appeal of this set of CCs.

I especially like the decorative portholes, something a space-loving nerd could use in his room.

The items offered here are slightly more expensive than those in the Eco-futurist complex. So they may not be the best choice for first-time buyers or for budgetary reasons.

But if you use a good old fashioned mom, you can definitely buy the whole set!

17. Soloria Geometrically Faceted Kitchen Unit

Look at this CC

Like I said before, Soloria is a great buy/build CC.

So yes, they are on that list three times. But with good reason.

Unlike the previous two, this Facet Geometric kitchen set is not marketed as futuristic.

The creator describes the artwork as state-of-the-art, designed to bring more comfort to [the homes of] Simms strangers.

And that’s it.

Whatever they mean by aliens, I assure you that the decorative items in this set are the same.

With the exception of the adorable alien cupcake (which your Sim can own for a starting price of $50), all of the items in this pack can be ultra-modern, fully functional or high-tech, intergalactic and alien kitchen appliances.

Anyway, these are good things that I guarantee will work for your space construction.

18. Sci-Fi bedroom decorated with Mimoto characters

Look at this CC

This is the first time I’ve met this CC Sims 4 creator, and I have to say – I’m impressed with the color!

The Mimoto sims sci-fi bedroom set is basically a set of decorative objects that look like different pieces of furniture, such as beds, shelves, arches, etc.

They are therefore non-functional.

But they are incredibly well made.

For example, the visual quality of each element exceeds what I’m used to, even by Alpha CC standards.

You can use these parts to make a movie, for example. B. Contexts, places and situations.

Not very practical for the real game. But what about photo and video recordings? Hell, yeah.

A preview of the photos should already give you an idea of the overall quality of the package. Seriously, I saw it and was instantly 100% hooked.

19. Science Fiction Corridor at mile

Look at this CC

If you have a room, you (apparently) have a hallway that leads to that room.

And it deserves to be so shabby, futuristic and – can I say it? – The Post-Apocalypse.

This CC corridor, created by the same CC creator as the previous CC corridor, is a great background for any sci-fi, space-age, tech, man-orange story set in some sort of spaceship (or space bunker).

Like the Sci-Fi bedroom set, the Sci-Fi Corridor CC Mimoto simulation pack contains 12 purely decorative elements that you can place, resize, and move around to build the intergalactic infrastructure of your dreams.

And as with the previous CC package, the quality of every detail is incredibly detailed.

Too bad you can’t use them as real arches and floors. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that everything is very well photographed.

20. Future research by ShinoKCR

Look at this CC

Soloria’s eco-futuristic set is characterized by geometric patterns and intersecting shapes, while the futuristic set is more inspired by modern and colorful art.

Well, this amazing CC pack from ShinoKCR perfectly combines post-modern edges with minimalist lines and muted chrome colors to create an expensive and futuristic study of high-end, tasteful, technology-driven simulation.

Seriously, the figures in this set are beautiful.

You can create high-quality enclosed booths (for sims who want privacy), shared reading nooks (with nice asymmetrical coffee tables), and freestanding chrome tables with state-of-the-art technology and holograms.

It contains 14 new items for you to play with, making it one of the most complete CC packs (which we always appreciate).

The best part is that it’s very versatile.

You can completely reuse these pieces for a modern, contemporary or post-modern leather style and they will work perfectly.

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