Free Ways to Save Hotmail Emails to PDF Manually

If you want to learn how to save Hotmail emails to PDF files, you are in the right place. Here you will find answers to various questions. In this article, we will see how to migrate Hotmail emails. In addition, you will learn many other things. Let’s start with an overview of Hotmail.

Hotmail email client that works as a standalone email service provider. Later Microsoft bought the Hotmail e-mail client and made it a Microsoft product. In addition, the name was changed from Hotmail to MS Outlook. Existing users with a Hotmail login can also access their account in the new Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that currently has over 400 million active users worldwide. It also offers some unique features that other email clients don’t have. However, you need to convert Hotmail to online PDF. The reasons for migration are diverse, but some are more common than others.

Why do I need to save e-mails in PDF format?

The method of saving Hotmail emails as PDF is simple and effective. You can easily migrate email files to your system. But the most important thing before the migration is to know the reason for the migration. Here are some common reasons that lead to a migration to Hotmail.

  • Keeping your Hotmail files on your system is the best way to protect your valuable email from unauthorized access. The server is less secure than a local hard drive. It may be subject to data theft and malicious activity. This way you can save Hotmail emails as PDF files and protect them from unwanted access.
  • It also backs up Hotmail messages on your system. Sometimes valuable information is lost due to accidental deletion or a corrupt file. The saved messages can then be used to restore the original content. Therefore, you need to download the Hotmail files to your system.
  • You want urgent access to your Hotmail mailbox, and you realize that the server has crashed. What are you going to do? Migrating email files to the system protects you in such cases. It saves emails in PDF format on your computer. This allows you to access mailbox items offline.

The above are the most common reasons for migrating Hotmail data. Now let’s learn how to convert Hotmail emails to PDF and save them in the system.

How to save your hot email as PDF

You can save Hotmail emails as PDF files using the built-in features of the email service provider. You do not need to install any additional software for the migration. This method of storing emails in the system is called manual. Follow the steps below to complete the migration.

    1. Enter your username and password to sign in to your Hotmail account.

    1. Open the emails you want to migrate.

    1. Click the More Actions button, which is represented by three dots.

    1. Select Print from the list that appears.

    1. Then click the Print button in the upper left corner.

    1. A wizard appears on the left side with an example of an email print, and the print specifications appear on the right side. In the Destination option, select Save as PDF.

    1. Click the Save button to download the email file in PDF format.

    1. Specify the location of the resulting file and click Save.

    1. Repeat this process for all emails you want to download.

  1. Finally, Hotmail emails were stored in the system as PDF files.

The above method is suitable for users who are familiar with the features of Outlook. However, new users may not be able to perform these actions. You can find a more convenient and easy way to change Hotmail to PDF. Sysinfo’s Hotmail backup tool is a Hotmail to PDF converter that is an ideal solution for novice users. It is a fast and easy to use software that requires minimal effort to save Hotmail emails.


Hotmail was one of the first email clients with users all over the world. Microsoft has acquired Hotmail and renamed it MS Outlook. They improved his performance and made him better. However, to protect your files from data theft, you should save your Hotmail messages in PDF format. Users can even archive Hotmail messages on an external hard drive. This can now be done manually or automatically. Sysinfo Hotmail Backup Tool is an advanced solution for technical and non-technical users to migrate Hotmail data to PDF files.

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