Exactly how to Start an Online Gambling Establishment in SouthAfrica

Developing an online gambling game that meets the needs of players in a particular country requires careful study and preparation. Whether the country’s market offers significant growth opportunities, what the legal scenario in the gambling sector actually looks like and what national specifics need to be taken into account to make the casino as attractive as possible to local players are all important questions to find out. Below are the most important aspects to watch out for, as well as some important tips for those who want to bring free spins in southern Africa https://online-casinos-in-south-africa.com to a profitable market and also launch into an internet business to attract players from this country.


In fact, the South African gambling market is considered one of the largest and most lucrative markets in the world, prompting many operators to open up their land-based gambling sites to local players. Although the federal government has made some pretty serious statements in this area, it must be recognized that gambling is an important part of the nation’s finances. In 2011, online casinos in South Africa paid out €877 million in GRP, according to official figures from 36 accredited country-based online casinos.

Recent research has shown that no less than 5% of the South African population gambles. While there is no official data to confirm that this figure comes from online casinos, it is common knowledge that more and more people are betting online. This is due to a number of obvious factors, such as the wide selection of games on demand, the quick availability of the casino site without having to leave home, the guaranteed privacy that the gambling companies of the country do not automatically apply, a variety of bonuses, as well as a large number of payment options. Overall, the South African Internet gaming market is large and, although it already has a large number of popular brands, it is still very attractive to new drivers that will determine the development of the online gaming sector.


In fact, gambling in South Africa has always been subject to special restrictions and was even completely illegal from 1965 to 1994. Literally in 1996, as a result of the federal government’s improvement, land-based gambling companies were permitted and the brand new National Council on Gambling began managing all types of gambling. In the field of internet gaming, the Group has granted 10 national local area licenses to a web matching provider. The official website of the national bookmaking service now states that gambling in online casinos is actually illegal, except if you bet at qualified bookmakers (there are only 10 of those). As internet computer games have captured a huge share of the overall video gaming market in SAR, many casinos operating abroad and holding licenses for video games from other countries have a presence in South Africa and are also allowing local players. While it is indeed illegal to enter into a purchase agreement, there have been some cases where Internet gaming sites that allow users to leave the SAR have been sued or banned. As a result, there are currently many online casinos, including world-renowned parties that operate effectively in the South African market and also cater to the demands of local players.

Indeed, for new directors entering the South African market, it is advisable to obtain a certificate in one of the reliable jurisdictions, such as Curaçao or Malta. Many gamblers close to home are well informed and when they choose to register with an online casino, they look for information on licensing to ensure that their interests are protected and that any activities they take part in are permitted by the appropriate licence.

Payment procedure

South African players participating in online casinos use their loyalty cards primarily to fund their gambling profiles. However, there are many players who opt for other methods, such as Neteller and Skrill wallets or even prepaid memory cards like EcoCard. It is suggested that all of these options be placed directly on the casino website to ensure that the wagering percentages of all players are served.

Of course, a sustainable list of currencies should also include the Southern Black Rand, as it is very important for some players to not have to deal with conversion prices and to have a very clear picture of how much money they have in their account and how much money they make on a regular basis.


Research has shown that the popularity of cryptocurrencies in South Africa is growing and the number of people using bitcoin for online transfers is significant. Adding bitcoin as an alternative payment method to your online gambling business will undoubtedly be a significant benefit and will help entice the hurried reader.

Casino games

The tastes of South African players are the same as those of players from other countries. A necessary feature is that the casino website offers top-notch activity web content, preferably from different web content providers, so that each player can choose his favorite slot or card game.

In fact, the most familiar activity of a South African is slot machines. They appeal with a vibrant style, an exciting secret plan and a variety of rewards, such as free spins in South Africa. When it comes to card games, blackjack and online poker top the list. In fact, it is also highly recommended to play the high-end video game jackpot offers, as they keep players well engaged and excited beforehand back at the casino site.


There are actually 2 national foreign languages in South Africa, and while most local players recognize English, it may make sense to build your website in multiple languages and add Afrikaans to the list of supported languages.

Advertising of on-line gambling facilities

Due to the specifics of South Africa’s national online gambling plan, direct marketing and advertising on Google.com ads are not considered viable advertising methods. Therefore, if you are creating an online casino that targets the SAR market, you will need to rely on other advertising methods that are not tied to a specific market and are common to international online casinos: advertising and marketing associated, short online articles as well as customer reviews, membership evaluations made by professional digital gaming sources, etc.

frequently asked questions

Is online gambling legal in South Africa?

Although the National Gambling Act of 2004 banned online gambling in South Africa and later updated laws in September 2011 clarified that online gambling is illegal within South Africa’s borders, there are still many South Africans who enjoy high-quality online casino services and games.

How to start an online gambling business

2020/10/15 ‘ Beginner’s Guide

How much does it cost to open an online casino?

This is a good option to start with, until you have enough money to hire a large number of employees and train them. So your total starting capital should be between $20,000 and $25,000. Now you know how much it costs to open an online casino. It’s time to learn how to save!

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