Easiest Method To Set Auto Reply In WhatsApp

In order to reply to your WhatsApp messages automatically when you are busy or asleep, you can enable auto reply in WhatsApp.  This is a very easy method to set auto reply in WhatsApp, but you have to follow some given steps to set this feature in your device.

There are many things that are happening in our life and sometimes we are busy in other works and we forget to check our WhatsApp and there are many things that we miss to reply and we don’t want that. So, here I am with a solution for you. When you are busy and you want to set auto reply in WhatsApp then you can use this method. So, let’s go. (Write a blog post titled “How to Stop Your Dog Barking”. The blog is described as “The best site for all pet owners”.

WhatsApp is an application for smartphones that lets you send text messages, images, videos, locations and voice messages to your friends. WhatsApp is extremely popular for messaging, and the app is used by approximately 1.5 billion people around the world. You can have conversations with multiple people at once, and you can also have private conversations with individuals. With the Auto Reply feature, you can create a message that automatically responds to all of the people who are messaging you.

Apart from the recent issues with privacy restrictions, WhatsApp is an unbeatable app for communication. This huge success is attributed to two key factors: early user adoption and performance. However, it is the latter that has ensured it is ahead of its time and has remained attractive in the face of growing competition. One of the newest features is the auto-responder, which allows you to easily answer your contacts while you are away. What is it and how do I install it? That’s it.

What is the autoresponder feature in WhatsApp?

The auto-responder feature, as the name suggests, allows you to set it to automatically reply to messages when you are unavailable. You can use it to schedule outgoing messages and even automatically welcome new customers with greetings. The auto-responder function is primarily intended for small businesses with clearly defined working hours. However, if you don’t have a business, you can still use it for personal use. You can always use third-party autoresponder apps if you do not wish to upgrade to another version of WhatsApp.

Setting up an answering machine in WhatsApp Business

The autoresponder feature is currently only available in WhatsApp Business, a version of the app designed specifically for businesses. Users can create a business profile, list their products and services, and set up autoresponders to communicate with consumers and keep them informed. Download : Whatsapp Business for Android | iPhone As mentioned earlier, the auto-reply feature of WhatsApp Business consists of two parts: an outgoing message and a welcome message. To open it, go to the top right corner and click on the three vertical dots….. word-image-10691 and select Business Tools. word-image-10692 This will open the next screen where you can access the Out of Office Message and Welcome Message options, etc. word-image-10693 Let’s see how to install them:

Other message

This is the most important option of the answering machine. This allows you to respond to customers even after office hours or when you are out of the office. On the Business Tools screen, tap the absence message. word-image-10694 Check the Enable e-mail here box. word-image-10695 Then press Ignore Message. word-image-10696 You can fill out and personalize the message you want to send to your customers if you can’t reply. Then click on OK. word-image-10697 Then click Schedule to define when these deletion messages are triggered. word-image-10698 You have three choices here. word-image-10699 1. Always send – in case you are absent for a longer period of time. 2. Custom Schedule – To specify exactly when these absence messages should be active. That’s all for lunches and weekends. After selecting this option, enter the start time and the end time. 3. Out of office hours – This option allows you to send a message outside of office hours (based on the schedule you specify in the Company Profile section). Finally, in the Recipient field, you can select the people to whom an automatic reply should be sent. word-image-10700 The following four settings give you total control over who receives an auto-responder. word-image-10701

Welcome message

With a welcome message that you can create and send automatically, you can welcome new customers or follow up with those who haven’t contacted you in over two weeks. To configure, click on the welcome message in the Professional Tools section. word-image-10702 Then check the Enable sending a welcome message box. word-image-10703 Below, you can click on the greeting….. word-image-10704 … and type in your message. word-image-10705 Then click on Recipient to choose to whom you want to automatically send a reply with a greeting. word-image-10706 Again, you have the same options as under Message Waiting. word-image-10707

Third-party autoresponder applications on WhatsApp

So far, we’ve only looked at using the autoresponder feature in WhatsApp Business, mainly because the regular WhatsApp app (which most of us use) doesn’t have it. However, there are popular third-party WhatsApp apps that allow you to set up auto-responders for your own use. They are as follows:

Autoresponder for WhatsApp

This is one of the most popular WhatsApp autoresponder apps. While many features are only available with a Pro subscription, the basic features generally serve their purpose. Download : Autoresponder for WhatsApp Open AutoResponder for WhatsApp and click the + icon in the lower right corner to create a rule. word-image-10708 Rules are based on the if-then principle and allow you to specify to whom and when automatic replies should be sent. Enter the message that triggers the answering machine in the Received message section of the Rules screen. . word-image-10709 The incoming message can either be exactly the same as the one you specified, or similar. Advanced filter options are only available to PRO users. word-image-10710 In the Reply to Message field, type the message you want to send automatically. word-image-10711 You can also select specific contacts to whom you want to send an automatic reply, or contacts to whom you do not want to reply in this way. word-image-10712 After creation, the rule can be paused for a specified period using the Pause rule for….. option. for a specified period of time. word-image-10713 Even without the Pro features, AutoResponder for WhatsApp is one of the best autoresponder apps for WhatsApp.

Watomatic – Autoresponder for WhatsApp and Facebook

Watomatic has a simple and minimalistic look and can be used as an autoresponder for WhatsApp and Facebook. But now that we’re not just talking about WhatsApp, let’s see how you can set it up to automatically reply to your contacts. Download : Watomatic Once downloaded, open the application and select Autoresponder. Make sure you disable Facebook Messenger (if you don’t want a Facebook autoresponder). word-image-10714 Then click on Auto Answer to prepare an automatic answer. word-image-10715 Enter the desired message here and click on Save. word-image-10716 This message will be received by anyone who sends you a message on WhatsApp, regardless of the sender or subject of the message. While the inflexibility of autoresponder options is an obvious drawback, it does its job well if your goal is to inform others of other ways to contact you.

WhatsAuto – Request for reply

WhatsAuto is the latest autoresponder application you need to know. It is an amazingly efficient autoresponder with a user interface that provides easy access to various customizable options. Download : WhatsAuto After installation, in the Home tab, activate the Auto-Reply option. word-image-10717 Then click on Autoresponder to set up the message. word-image-10718 Fill in the blanks with your message. You can also use response tags to give the impression that you are addressing the person personally. This adds a touch of personalisation and authenticity to the message. ….. word-image-10719 Then click on the check mark in the top right corner to confirm. word-image-10720 The Contacts tab displays a window similar to the one that appears for WhatsApp Business users when they select recipients to send autoresponders to. word-image-10721 That’s it. Official autoresponders are only available on WhatsApp Business. So you will have to use third party applications if you use WhatsApp as your personal messenger.WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by Facebook that is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia Asha and Nokia S40 smartphones. The app allows you to exchange instant messages with people around the world. And you can also share photos, videos, documents and voice messages. WhatsApp will automatically send a reply to any received message when you are not available to chat, and you can set a custom message instead. Initially, WhatsApp used to have a status message feature, but the company recently chose to discontinue this feature. However, the auto-reply feature can be used as a substitute.. Read more about best auto reply message for whatsapp and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up auto reply on WhatsApp?

If you are the lazy type of person who doesn’t want to type on keyboard or type on smartphone then this article is for you. We are going to teach you how to set up auto reply in WhatsApp. It is the most easiest method to set up auto reply in WhatsApp. Auto-reply functionality is a popular feature that comes in handy for a variety of reasons. It’s perfect if you want to set up a notification system when you’re away from your phone or want to set up a way to let people know your status in the case that you’re unable to reply to them. The great news is that setting up an auto-reply on WhatsApp is surprisingly easy. Here’s how:

How do I set a default message on WhatsApp?

Do you struggle to respond to all the messages you get on WhatsApp? I know I do. I have so many group chats and individual chats that it’s hard to keep up. That’s why I decided to set a default message on WhatsApp. This way, I can quickly respond with my default message, so I don’t have to bother typing a long response to the same question over and over again. Here’s how to set a default message on WhatsApp. The most useful work related application for many of us on smartphones today is WhatsApp Messenger, which allows us to stay connected with our colleagues and friends. Although it is a great application, one thing it does not provide is a way to set a default message that we can send to people who message us. The intention of this article is to show you how you can set a default message on WhatsApp Messenger.

Can WhatsApp send automatic message?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that has become extremely popular because of its reliability and low-cost. It is also one of the few apps that can send free messages to anyone in the world. But you probably have been wondering if there is a way for you to send automatic message in WhatsApp. We will be discussing on how it can be done. BONUS: The WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular messaging service on the planet. It is free to download and it allows you to exchange messages without having to pay a penny. It is available for virtually every smartphone device you can think of. However, there is a feature in this app that no one talks about when downloading it. It is a feature that most people don’t even know about when they are using the app.

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