Bring Back BF2 Commander Mode and Squads

I’m incredibly excited for a new Battlefield set in modern times! I would also like to see some of the older elements of the Battlefield series return.

I have a few opinions about the fashion team and group leaders that I’d like to share. I feel like the entire Battlefield series is suffering from 2 major changes. Commander mode and how squads work. Right now, the battlefield is full of people who aren’t focused on a goal, and it’s pure chaos. There is no real communication, and what little there is is of no use to those who need it most.

Bear with me, I’d like to get into the details.

Squadron Leader

In previous Battlefield games, we’ve seen larger 6-man squads, making them more effective. Group leaders were much more important and less disposable than they are today. After all, the squad leader was the only person who could appear in the squad and, more importantly, the only person who received orders from the commander and requested resources. SL can also request or refuse orders. They could ask the commander for resources, such as artillery fire or drones, and had a direct VOIP channel to the commander, who determined which team needed those resources most.

A good squad leader reviews the information received, checks the map, and proceeds with the proper support of the commander. Since the SL was the only person who could continue to save the platoon, he had to advance and then protect the leader of the platoon by also advancing. This contributed to an incredible amount of teamwork and focused play.

Commander mode

I’m going to focus on the Commander mode of Battlefield 2, because I think it was the best represented at the time.

Here is a description of the Commander mode in Battlefield 2, as found on Wikipedia.


the position of commander is an exclusive role played by one member of each team. Any member of the team can apply for this position, but the highest ranked players have priority.

Only the commander has access to the command screen, an interface similar to that of a real-time strategy game. This allows the commander to get an overview of the battlefield or zoom in on the map and view parts of it in real time. The commander also controls various assets, including artillery strikes, vehicle and supply drops, and drones. They can use those to support their team. The commander can communicate with the squads both by sending commands and by voice communication via
VoIP. These tools allow the commander to strategically coordinate his troops on the battlefield.

A commander may resign at any time to free up a seat for other members of his team. He can also be removed from office by a successful mutiny vote by his team (provided the server allows a mutiny vote). Although the commander does not score points in the usual way (kill, capture the flag, etc.), his score is doubled at the end of the turn if his team wins.

There was so much meaning in a game designed around teamwork on a large battlefield. Without the leadership of a commander, groups have little ability to work together or know what is going on outside of their immediate area. The commander has all the necessary information to pass on to the group leaders, who can then instruct their group as they see fit. I remember playing thousands of hours in BF2, and being a commander was extremely important if you did it right, mainly for that reason.

Having a commander on each side also adds strategy and variety to any game. Each team leader would be a different person, with a different personality and mindset.

Please… more mobile order mode…

From my experience (on PC), I’m convinced that allowing mobile devices to be commanders in PC or console games has ruined commander mode for many people. Mainly due to technical complications and trolling. Someone on a mobile device is also much less engaged than someone on a PC or console, which spoils the experience for everyone else.

And finally, please bring back the team game modes! !! We really enjoyed playing Squad Deathmatch, Squad Domination, etc. in Battlefield 4…..

Thank you for listening. I would love to hear from other Battlefield fans what they think!

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