Best Ways to Avoid Penalty from Google

Google is one of the most popular search engines and does not compromise on the quality of websites. So, if you are integrated according to Google’s standard, you will obviously have a hard time ranking well in the SERPs.

Additionally, if you use black hat SEO strategies, you may be penalized by Google. Let’s look at methods to avoid Google penalties, which can be the result of several factors.

In this article, you will learn:

Factors behind Google’s penalties


It’s a technicality. When an author copies another author’s work without asking or receiving permission, and publishes that work on his or her website, it is plagiarism.

In the real world, there are copyright laws and lawsuits. In the Internet world, the same rules apply as for Google, but they are stricter than traditional laws.

Strategies to prevent plagiarism

  1. Paraphrase of
  2. Quote
  3. Quote
  4. creative ideas

It’s not rocket science, everyone knows that to reach the top position in Google, the writing must be fresh, written with your thoughts and words.

  • Citing is also an important way to avoid red flags from Google.
  • Using quotes is another way to write original content, whether it’s a news paper, a description, or even a blog post.

Most importantly, our content is accessible to all who read it.

  • Besides quoting, paraphrasing is another way to avoid plagiarism in your text.

It is much easier to use a paraphrasing tool to make your content unique in seconds. With this utility, all you have to do is paste the text into the rewrite program and the utility will do the rest.

Website ranking is based on many factors, including distinctive, user-friendly and easy-to-use data. There are certain do’s and don’ts that can change the optimization status of a website.

A fine from Google can undo all the work that has been done on the site, which can lead to a complete blocking of the site.

We don’t want to be guilty of plagiarism, because then the site is automatically banished to a dungeon.


Simply put, these are links that can be exchanged from one site to another on the backend, or used directly with multiple sites.

To avoid being penalized by Google, these links must be free of spam, and it all depends on who is providing these links. Because these links will be responsible for more traffic to the site.

Good links are synonymous with popularity and help you get better positions in the Google SERPs.

On the other hand, link manipulation can destroy a website.

Concealed rear doors:

In 2021, technology is at its peak, so there is a lot of research and invention going on. Never forget that: Where there is a right way, there is always a wrong way.

Unfortunately, many website owners prefer the latest technology and sometimes manage to escape Google’s crawlers.

The black hat technique will not get you through Google, while the white hat technique is highly recommended.

Therefore, many authors use messy links, usually hidden at the back of their page, use black hat techniques and commit plagiarism.

Of course, a trap for users.

Google’s crawlers are immediately alerted when they discover hidden links that cause users to unintentionally click on them every time they visit the site.

This is a complete violation of Google’s policy.

Anything that is visible to the reader’s naked eye should also be visible to search engines.

keyword completion

There is a certain ratio of keyword usage that is dictated by Google to avoid keyword stuffing completely.

Excessive use or repetition of keywords may lead to plagiarism and penalties from Google.

According to SEO experts, the percentage of keyword density should be between 3 and 5%.

References to malware:

Unauthorized links are used throughout the domain and within the domain. We try to avoid them and make the site user-friendly to avoid being penalized by Google.

Content may be flagged or considered bad if Google’s crawlers detect links to malicious software.

Purchase references

Is buying links allowed?

According to Google’s guidelines, it is forbidden to buy links. Good links will ultimately lead to users visiting the site more and more often, which ultimately strengthens and increases the credibility and legitimacy of the site.

Too many links become spam links, which automatically leads to a Google penalty.


We are all human, and a mistake can be intentional or unintentional. We can take responsibility and address plagiarism and penalties.

For error correction we can use different software which is free. This shows the good will of the content creator and shows Google that these pages are not indifferent or careless.

At the beginning of the 21st century In the 21st century, technologies such as artificial intelligence are undergoing rapid development. Nowadays, everyone wants to have everything at their fingertips, which is where MPA was introduced.

Google prioritizes sites that offer users the right information and the best quality of service.

From then on, online shopping began in all areas.

Google has started rewarding sites that are easy to use with mobile phones. These pages are automatically placed at the top of the list. The awards encourage content creators to write in their own original words, taking into account the legitimacy of paraphrasing, quoting and white hat techniques.

Summary Topic

This benefits the author under Google and he can update the site according to their rules and regulations.

It is easy to avoid plagiarism and fines by using new terms and following the rules.

Shortcuts can be a temporary success, but the real success is working within the boundaries and legal and being real winners.

Author Bio:

Allan Rose works as an SEO specialist at Before that, he started his career in affiliate marketing as a freelancer. With over 4 years of experience in digital marketing, he creates powerful SEO strategies for his business in the SERPs.

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