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While certain trends and fashions make a comeback in every decade, nothing is more important than the 90s.

The generation that grew up in that era is old enough now to be truly nostalgic. Yet 90’s culture is new and cool to today’s teens.

This means fun for everyone, including your Sims.

Nostalgia and fads aside, the 90s were a time of great innovation in clothing, entertainment, music and well….. pretty much everything.

And now you can bring some of the best things this era had to offer to your TS4 game with, as always, great custom content.

1. Acid jacket90s.

Look at this CC

Maybe I wasn’t around in the ’90s.

But even I know that grunge fashion was very important.

Plaids, boots and, of course, jeans are wardrobe staples.

Not just jeans, but pants and jackets that have been acid washed so they look more like used than new clothes.

These jackets would be perfect if that’s what you’re looking for for your Sims.

Also, some jackets have a pattern on the back that matches the 90’s theme.

2. Men’s shirt 1999

Look at this CC

It may have been at the very end of the decade, but 99 is still in the fashion that defined the culture of the years before.

Before that, I had heard people say that the 90s didn’t really end until the mid-2000s.

And from the pictures I’ve seen in family albums, it seems very plausible.

Personally, I’m always up for adding buttons to the game with a cool design.

Guy Sims doesn’t really have a wardrobe.

It certainly helps to bring a 90s vibe to your game, and there are twenty examples to choose from!

3. Posters on the wall 90s

Look at this CC

We’re talking about a time when self-promotion was everything, and more than ever.

It is not surprising that posters were at the height of their popularity at the time.

This CC set features many of the most popular shows, brands and expressions from the 1990s.

What house hasn’t had a teenager who loved Beavis and Butthead?

And even if no one in the family was a fan, there was definitely someone who loved MTV and The Simpsons.

Really, I’m almost surprised that the Simpsons haven’t worked with them yet.

It’s about time two of pop culture’s most enduring icons finally came together for an epic crossover.

4. 90’s pendant necklace

Look at this CC

In the 90s, there were many fads that came and went.

And one of the most popular fantasies were yin and yang necklaces like this one from CC manufacturer Jujugamer.

This ancient symbol is in fact an ancient philosophy. This is something that will always be true no matter the era or generation: The world is completely connected, even the seemingly separate.

You know, opposites attract.

Or at least, I think it’s something like that.

Although I had such a necklace myself, I’m not entirely aware of its significance and history – just as I doubt most people in the 90s had one.

Usually fads are created because people think something is good. And that is certainly the purpose of this necklace.

5. Butterfly clips and velvet dress

Look at this CC

If there’s one thing that has taken off this decade, it’s accessories.

There were few opportunities to show who you are and what you love, literally from head to toe.

Toe rings, anklets, clothespins and of course all sorts of things to put in your hair.

Although I was only born in the late 90s, I do have some experience in this field.

From funny hair clips to all kinds of hair pins, my mom made sure I had plenty of things to attach to my hair – except gum.

These butterfly clamps are exactly what I need. Kids today don’t know what beautiful things they can have in their hair.

Something else that was explored in the 1990s was a variety of materials that could be used to make clothing. Velvet has been very popular for some time, and the designer at Jujugaming has really done a fantastic job of creating a dress with the same look.

6. Accessories for waist bags

Look at this CC

Why use a handbag or bags when you can just put things in a bag, like a kangaroo, right?

Although fanny packs are back in fashion, the origins of their popularity go back to the 1990s.

And until recently, they were strongly associated with that era.

Adults and children used them all the time, whether it was for school trips, jogging or just for fun.

There’s nothing more practical than tying a bag around your hips. This is really the only thing that distinguishes a fanny pack from a cross body bag.

Well, that and their convex shape.

7. 90’s baby braids

Look at this CC

Braids have always been a popular hairstyle.

But they seem to have been especially popular in the 90s.

There are a few hairstyles that are just as adaptable (or practical) for those with active lifestyles.

Well, this straight and elegant CC braided hairstyle embodies both things very well. And you, the Simmer, can decide which way your Sims should go.

Do you use metal beads, a simple headband or the famous scrunchie?

Whatever you choose, your hair will always be the center of attention.

This is one of the most textured hairs I’ve ever seen, which is definitely a plus. I think most of us would agree that real braids are anything but perfectly smooth.

The great thing about braids is that they are a pretty neutral choice.

They match any outfit and are generally considered suitable for almost any environment.

8. Men’s hair from the 90s

Look at this CC

At that time, amazing things were happening in the field of hairstyles for both men and women.

I think this decade has the least terrible styles of the 20th century. The century had.

This style of Whiskey Castle is definitely a bit dated. But it’s still a nice, clean, slightly thick cut.

That pretty much sums up the ’90s, doesn’t it?

By this time, the more elegant and slender backs of previous generations had given way to more uncoordinated and much more casual shapes.

Just like real people, this hairstyle will make any man look a lot better.

9. 90’s babe hair and collar

Look at this CC

See? No more accessories!

This time, the Luumaya creator offers us a great layered hairstyle with a few pins.

Your Sims are lucky that these pins never fall out of their hair and disappear forever in their home, never to be seen again.

As usual in the ’90s, only eight samples. So you can get any crazy color you want in your hair.

You’ll also find a simple girly ganger necklace that’s a must-have in your game!

10. Filter shoe breaker

Look at this CC

I may not know all the famous shoe brands of the past.

But I do know that white furry sneakers are back in.

Also known as daddy shoes, teens have named them over the years.

When it comes to everyday footwear, I think simplicity is the way to go.

You don’t want something to clash with your wardrobe or stand out too much.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, look no further! Plumboby’s Fila Disruptor shoes are exactly what all the cool kids wear, now as they did thirty years ago.

11. Rubber sandals (for babies)

Look at this CC

People seem to have strong opinions about the iconic jelly sandal.

Either you love them or you hate them.

I guess there are still people who have no idea what they are…..

They’re cute. But appearances are deceiving. They’ll blow your legs off so fast.

So why not give some to your baby too, right?

Maybe I’m not being fair with these sandals. I think they’re pretty cute… until the bleeding starts.

Either way, your Sims have nothing to fear. If you want to incorporate them into your 90s aesthetic, there will be no negative repercussions.

12. Nirvana T-shirt

Look at this CC

Nirvana is synonymous with the 90s like the Beatles are synonymous with the 60s.

The band became the face of an entire generation and shaped the culture through rebellion and great music.

They also launched grunge.

Like all greats, Nirvana has stood the test of time.

Young people love Nirvana today as much as they did thirty years ago.

And your Sim can be a fan now too, at least when it comes to t-shirts. This CC features the iconic Nirvana name and logo with a smile.

13. Remember the carpet from the 90s?

Look at this CC

In the eighties, the trend of eccentric designs and bright colors started. But it was the decade that followed.

This rug is a perfect example.

It’s very familiar and it feels good.

I think it’s because it’s the carpet that has stayed in every bowl in the Midwest since it was installed.

It may have nacho cheese and soda spilled on it, but you know you’re having fun when you see the swirling confetti carpet.

14. Corduroy suit

Look at this CC

The businesswoman of the 90s didn’t have many options when it came to clothes.

The rules and expectations have remained pretty strict.

Did you know that women were not allowed to wear pants in the Senate until 1993?

It’s true, before the early 1990s, many working women still had to wear a skirt or dress. And not just from the government.

We all know that just because something has officially changed, it doesn’t mean that the population agrees.

Every time something changes, it’s a long and hard road.

Such a costume might have been a bit controversial for a working woman of the time, depending on her profession. But it’s so elegant and practical that she might try it.

This will be very useful for your businesswomen sim. Especially if you go in the 90s. The colors and patterns would then fit into this.

15. It’s game time.

Look at this CC

No major scratches on this list so far.

But after that little bit of hair, your sim kids are set for life (or at least a stage of life) as far as that goes.

This hairstyle is just super cute and reflects the 90’s love for buns, bangs and of course, accessories.

Sisselin, thanks for the nets and the laurel flowers that repair the scratches. A high collar if ever there was one, right?

Now you can coordinate stripes for more outfits, and there are a few more things for the 90s.

16. Antique baskets set

Look at this CC

As with many trendsetters of the 90s, many popular pieces were simply copied from the 80s.

There is such a thing as wicker furniture.

Everyone loves sofas that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

A conversion from The Sims 3, this five-piece Linzlu set satisfies all your basket needs in The Sims 4.

It includes not only a sofa, but also two chairs, a coffee table and a night table.

I especially like the rattan coffee table with the glass top – it’s definitely retro.

17. TS2 – TS4 TV

Look at this CC

Well, since this CC is a Sims 2 conversion, it can’t be exactly like the TVs that existed in the 90s.

But close enough when you blink.

At least it’s much better than a flat screen.

During the development of television and the TGIF blockbuster, families came together around something much bigger than what we have today.

So, if you want a 90s home, you should definitely replace those basic gaming TVs, and this conversion makes that possible.

18. Telephones

Look at this CC

Phones are aesthetic objects in their own right.

Most of us can’t imagine having someone on hand all the time.

What seems especially crazy is that in the 90s, most people only had one phone in their house, with the exception of a few lucky teenagers who were able to get a line in their bedroom.

Well, this CC set covers the entire range of phones available at the time.

They’re all here: Brick phones, wall phones and phones with a wired keypad. And there are even fun designs, like a phone shaped like a lip (very 90s!).

Your Sims will be the coolest people in the neighborhood when the phones ring.

19. Baggy sweatshirts

Look at this CC

When tight jeans weren’t an issue, the rule was: the bigger, the better.

It’s even for sweat.

So I would say your sim will be very comfortable and stylish in these baggy pants. And what more could a child of the 90s want?

As they narrow and widen towards the bottom, the legs appear longer. So it’s a plus for them too!

They come in ten different patterns, so you can pair them with any shirt, sweater or jacket you like.

20. Dr. Martens

Look at this CC

Of course, I have to end this list with an absolute classic.

Doc Martens are perhaps the biggest part of the shoe of the 90s.

I don’t have a spreadsheet or anything on hand. But I swear all the cool guys in the movies had one back then.

And it’s not hard to see why.

Nothing says you’re serious when you’re wearing boots originally designed for soldiers.

Over the years, they have evolved from work boots to punk and grunge staples to a casual pair of popular boots of all sub-genres.

And you can ask your Sims to associate these Dr. Martens with anything: Ready-to-wear sweaters, worn-out jeans, blouses, and everything in between.

You just can’t go wrong.

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